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    Battleship Yamato


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    Battleship Yamato Empty Battleship Yamato

    Post  Bearserk Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:54 pm

    Just watched Battleship Yamato, and sitting here with some mixed feelings, the CG and special effects are great and it is a beautyful sight to behold the Battleship Yamato in this live action version.
    The story and acting however leaves a lot to be desired, the story is just never deep or dark enough for my taste and one never gets to feel anything for the characters as it is all so superficial.
    Actors are unable to show any emotion as far as I see it and are just throwing out what the scripts tell them to say.
    A lot of melodrama which they could have left ouf for all I care.

    A triology with more meat on the bone, letting us get to know and care for the characters and a more sinister and better told story woud have desireable.
    it is still worth a look though, at least if one likes to look at nicely done CG and used to love the old anime.
    Brian T
    Brian T

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    Battleship Yamato Empty Re: Battleship Yamato

    Post  Brian T Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:35 pm

    Just watched this last night and pretty much agree with you. The CG and compositing work was exceptionally well done and holds up well against the computing power of Hollywood productions that cost a lot more than YAMATO did. The characters were rather simplistically drawn—I'm assuming due to their origins in the anime version of YAMATO, which I've only seen bits and pieces of—so I suspect the cast couldn't have gone much deeper without putting off a sizeable number of Japanese viewers with deep ties to the original series who wouldn't appreciate excessive fiddling with their icons. As a result, this plays very much like most live-action Japanese space adventure movies of the 70's and 80's only with better special effects, and with the actors modulating their performances toward younger viewers, thus the paint-by-numbers melodrama. This actually makes sense since a large part of the Japanese audience for this was introduced to the franchise when they were just kids, and were probably hoping to re-experience that vibe with this revisitation. The only time things really got out of hand for me was when the "approving ghosts" made their appearance. I'd give anything to never, ever see a cliched scene like that in anything, from anywhere, ever again. Even with its character/acting deficiencies—and a far too episodic story stucture—I'd say this is the best live-action Anime action to date, but a large budget will do that, as will a fairly anemic (and/or blue-minded) field of competitors in the anime-to-live-action category to date. A trilogy would definitely have been nice to see.

    NOTE: your linked video has apparently been removed.

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