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    Speaking of AlJazeera English (AJE) - China related TV programs


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    Speaking of AlJazeera English (AJE) - China related TV programs Empty Speaking of AlJazeera English (AJE) - China related TV programs

    Post  dleedlee Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:03 pm

    In case anyone is interested:

    They've been airing a series of half-hour documentary films under the program name Faces of China that I've only just recently stumbled upon. I've been recording on my DVR for later viewing.

    For example:
    Faces of China : Family Matters
    This episode looks at life inside a private retirement home in Guangzhou, providing an insight into the issue of China’s increasing elderly population.

    Faces of China : Nobody's Child
    A young man embarks on a journey with his father to try to understand why his parents divorced.


    I must admit converting GMT to local time was giving me brain cramps! Very Happy Schedules are also subject to change due to breaking news events, of which there has been a lot of lately. It's also available online if you can successfully navigate their site to find it!

    Also, Japan's NHK World TV produces a series called China Wow! that's carried by my local independent public TV station (MHzNetworks)

    The ever-expanding network in the US: http://www.mhznetworks.org/mhzworldview/carriage/

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