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    L.A. Times: Iron Man 3: First footage reveals new villain, no China

    Brian T
    Brian T

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    L.A. Times: Iron Man 3: First footage reveals new villain, no China Empty L.A. Times: Iron Man 3: First footage reveals new villain, no China

    Post  Brian T Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:49 pm

    Thought this was interesting. And hardly surprising in some ways:


    it certainly speaks to a few suspicions I hold about the supposed necessity of Hollywood trying/needing/wanting to do business with bossy ol' China (like they really even need them in the long run). While it seems like IRON MAN 3 may shoot there as intended, one has to wonder if the result will simply be the very "token elements" that SARFT has reportedly been griping about in other Hollywood productions that were "allowed" to shoot there. Good on 'em, frankly. Comments like these (and really, can there be any other kind?) are just asking for it:
    “I think there are still many misunderstandings between the two sides,” she [Zhang Xun, president of China Film Co-Production Corp.} said. “Everyone knows there’s a huge market in China and everyone wants a share of this market, but you need to follow the rules when you enter a new market.”
    Yeah, right. Rules!

    Zhang also states that "no script has been submitted for approval." Hell, if you were directing the hotly anticipated third installment of a globally-successful (even in China) franchise, would you consider China an ideal place to just hand over a top-secret screenplay and expect details of the story to remain under wraps? Hell, the whole damned movie would probably be online before it was even finished! Laughing

    Chinese audiences flock to many of these Hollywood 'event' pictures as much as North American audiences—the bigger and flashier, the better. That will remain the case whether they contain scenes shot in China, or feature any Mainland Chinese actors in sizable roles. And they like them because their own film industry can't produce them on its own, and won't likely be allowed to for light years still. And even IF Chinese authorities and mouthpieces put a total kibosh on filming in their country until Hollywood learned to play by "the rules", Hollywood could simply create a China, using sets and/or CGI, that would probably convince the vast majority of viewers that filming actually took place there. Seriously, why DO they put up with being told how to do something they've been doing longer than pretty much any country on the planet?

    Frankly, I kinda wondered what was happening on the IRON MAN 3 front when I read a piece in Dennis' news site ages ago about Andy Lau dropping out of the movie to spend time with his new daughter. Not that that's a bad or untrue reason, but it seems unlikely that someone of his stature (and work ethic) would ditch the biggest shot at global recognition ever presented to him.

    Oh, and China movie-biz wheeler-dealer Dan Mintz is quoted in this article. Anybody remember his illustrious beginnings? Perhaps his sweeping pronouncements about this show — re-quoted in the article — were a bit hasty? Time will tell, I suppose. Granted, a tentpole film like IRON MAN 3 will probably sell more tickets there with the "official co-production" designation Chinese execs are so nakedly crave, but even without it, and even if its makers never exposed a frame of film there, it would still make a mint, there as here. I suppose they could ban it, but on a film as likely to be an international smash as IRON MAN, even bootleggers are only gonna do so much harm.


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    L.A. Times: Iron Man 3: First footage reveals new villain, no China Empty Re: L.A. Times: Iron Man 3: First footage reveals new villain, no China

    Post  Masterofoneinchpunch Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:45 am

    It seems strange trying to bully Hollywood or at least it comes up as posturing only. They certainly are not going to have much influence on the making of Iron Man 3. Of course they use this approach with HK filmmakers all the time. I don't like it and I don't like China's "rules" which seem to get worse as years go on.

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