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    Somewhere (2010)


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    Somewhere (2010) Empty Somewhere (2010)

    Post  Cash Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:41 pm

    I caught this last night at an independent theater following a delicious sushi dinner with a close friend. We left frustrated with Sophia Coppola's choices both in narrative and direction. I would have never connected "Somewhere" with the same woman behind "Lost in Translation" had I not read the credits with my own eyes. I was even more shocked to discover upon arriving home the film enjoyed a positive reaction from a number of critics. Roger Ebert -- bless his heart -- gave the film a four star review. One critic, however, captured our consensus:

    "Wow, so showbiz is a drag, and you need the grounding of real relationships to stay sane? Imagine that. And is there anyone really still troubled about the alienation of the wealthy and famous...?" Corey Hall of the Metro Times in Detroit, MI.

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