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    Mooncake becomes the fruitcake of China

    Brian T
    Brian T

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    Mooncake becomes the fruitcake of China Empty Mooncake becomes the fruitcake of China

    Post  Brian T on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:05 am

    An interesting piece about the popular food item associated with the Mid-Autumn festival. I've wondered for ages whether these things had a "thanks-but-you-really-shouldn't-have" aura about them, so ubiquitous are they at this time of year at all the Chinese grocery stores and malls around here. I think the health issues they're trying to equate with them are a bit bogus, since they're hardly an year-round staple, although the representation of status they provide to their givers seems apt. And they are kinda tasty, depending on the filling . . .



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    Mooncake becomes the fruitcake of China Empty Re: Mooncake becomes the fruitcake of China

    Post  Masterofoneinchpunch on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:37 am

    Exactly they are tasty depending on the filling. I really can only have them once in a great while. The same thing happens to me, several people buy me those (I've even had gift sets of those dang things) and I can eat one or two but the rest I try to give away.

    Yeah if you eat one every day then it might get unhealthy. But otherwise it is one of those items you just eat once in a while. They almost remind of that Simpsons episode where the chef(s) try to kill Homer by making a humoungous calorie rich dish Very Happy.

    I have kept some of the beautiful containers they came in though.

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