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    TAI CHI ZERO (2012) - TIFF Premiere Screening Q&A Video

    Brian T
    Brian T

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    TAI CHI ZERO (2012) - TIFF Premiere Screening Q&A Video Empty TAI CHI ZERO (2012) - TIFF Premiere Screening Q&A Video

    Post  Brian T Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:38 am

    Shot this Q&A with director Stephen Fung at this year's Toronto Film Fest. It's one of 15 films on my plate, and so far one of the most enjoyable (though not without its flaws). Fung's passions (comic books, video games, steampunk, heavy metal and kung-fu, among others) are all up on the screen. Unfortunately, he does have to field some idiotic questions from yet typically clueless TIFF audience members (including some who must've been asleep during the film), but he does so with grace. Seriously, you've got the director of a film at your disposal for 15-20 minutes, and you ask him when the DVD is coming out? Embarrassing.

    Anyways, I didn't know too much about this show going in outside of the write-up on the TIFF site, but it actually ends with a trailer for the simultaneously-shot sequel TAI CHI HERO, which opens about a month after this picture on domestic soil. The sequel boasts the participation of at least one "name" Hollywood character actor, although once again a TIFF audience member in the video below manages to get his name wrong, forcing Fung to humbly set things right.

    Finally, the title on the print itself is TAI CHI ZERO. For some reason many online sources, including HKMDB and the TIFF website, list the film as TAI CHI 0, which seemed awkward the first time I read it, and even moreso now that the sequel trailer draws the explicit "Zero to Hero" connection.

    Anyways, here's the Q&A (I missed the intro, unfortunately)

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