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    Shu Qi career question


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    Shu Qi career question

    Post  ewaffle on Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:13 pm

    Shu Qi has made quite a journey from raunchy softcore (as full frontal nudity as can be) porn model to mega-star who gets paid zillions to endorse luxury products. Has any other actress in Hong Kong been able to move from the porn ghetto to major movie star? She represents Giorgio Armani and was on the jury for the Berlin Film Festival (2008) plus lots of other high profile stuff that it isn't necessary to mention.
    Brian T

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    Re: Shu Qi career question

    Post  Brian T on Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:20 pm

    One that comes to mind is Taiwanese singer-actress-model Vivian Hsu, but I'm not sure the trajectory is quite the same. After winning a talent contest in 1990, making some TV appearances and singing in a short-lived girl-pop group, she debuted in the kiddie kung-fu movie SHAOLIN POPEY in 1994, then moved on to three steamy, nudity-filled productions in a row -- HUNTING LIST, ANGEL HEART and DEVIL ANGEL, and as well as NAKED ANGEL (which probaby makes it four in a row, though I'm not sure of this one's actual release date). She released a pair of nude photobooks around the same time, not unlike those that made Shu Qi famous. Then it was back to more kiddie stuff with pint-sized prodigies Sik Siu-lung and/or Kok Siu-man (her Shaolin Popey co-stars) in family stuff like DRAGON FROM SHAOLIN, ADVENTUROUS TREASURE ISLAND, and CHIVALROUS LEGEND. Since '97, though, she's appeared exclusively in mainstream pictures (as far as I know) from Hong Kong, Taiwan amd Mainland China, and she's had a kick-ass singing career to boot, predominantly as a J-pop stalwart (!), in part with the group Black Biscuits, one of my favourite guilty pleasures (see video below afro ), so in that sense she's probably more of a renaissance woman than Shu Qi! It was also good seeing her in Dante Lam's FIRE OF CONSCIENCE at TIFF last year.

    Over the years, I've seen a few actresses in Category III movies whose talents -- beyond disrobing for the camera -- could have easily earned them entry into the A-list and the spokesmodel circuit, but I wonder if the "genre", such as it is, tended to attach too large a stigma to allow most of them to break out in the same manner as Shu Qi or Vivian Hsu. Then again, I'm sure if we lived in Hong Kong or were otherwise able to survey the entire media landscape during the period, we might discover that many of these ladies perhaps did score promotional gigs outside of their revealing onscreen endeavours. Wink

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