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    Asian Film discussion in Non-Asian Magazines


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    Asian Film discussion in Non-Asian Magazines Empty Asian Film discussion in Non-Asian Magazines

    Post  Masterofoneinchpunch Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:56 pm

    I like to do research and I do come across discussion lists/articles in film magazines on Asian films that I am particularly interested in.  I did not see a thread like this and this would be something that I would post in from time to time.  

    Film Comment in May/June 2014 has several articles on Hong Kong cinema:
    Made In Hong Kong Part II
    Introduction by Grady Hendrix
    Prime Movers A-Z by Ross Chen, Tim Youngs & Grady Hendrix
    Milestones by Grady Hendrix
    Johnnie To by Howard Hampton
    Postscript by Grady Hendrix

    I particularly wanted your opinion on the following (what should be on there and what should not):

    Milestones list: Key Hong Kong Movies 1996 - 2013
    1) Comrades: Almost a Love Story (Peter Chan: 1996)
    2) Full Alert (Ringo Lam: 1997)
    3) Too Many Ways to Be No. 1 (Wai Ka-fai: 1997)
    4) The Longest Nite (Patrick Yau & Johnnie To: 1998)
    5) Tempting Heart (Sylvia Chang: 1999)
    6) In the Mood for Love (Wong Kar-wai: 2000)
    7) From the Queen to the Chief Executive (Herman Yau: 2001)
    8 ) Shaolin Soccer (Stephen Chow: 2001)
    9) My Life as McDull (Toe Yuen: 2001)
    10) Chinese Odyssey 2002 (Jeff Lau: 2002)
    11) Lost in Time (Derek Yee: 2003)
    12) Election & Election 2 (Johnnie To: 2005, 2006)
    13) After This Our Exile (Patrick Tam: 2006)
    14) Gallants (Clement Cheng & Derek Kwok: 2010)
    15) Love in a Puff & Love in the Buff (Pang Ho-cheung: 2010, 2012)
    16) A Simple Life (Ann Hui: 2011)
    17) Cold War (Longmond Leung & Sunny Luk: 2012)
    18) Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013: Herman Yau)

    He puts Infernal Affairs Trilogy in there, but does not number it.  There is a paragraph discussion for each pick which I can elaborate on if you are interested.

    I certainly have not seen all of these, though I am surprised by his Ip Man pick (which I would not have picked) and not picking The Mission.

    Now each person mentioned below gets several paragraphs telling why (except for Andrew Lau and Johnnie To who get larger mentions elsewhere.) Now who is missing and who should not be mentioned here?

    Prime Movers A-Z by Ross Chen, Tim Youngs & Grady Hendrix: A who's who of top talent in the post-1996 era.

    Fruit Chan
    Peter Chan
    Soi Cheang
    Stephen Chow
    Ann Hui
    Dante Lam
    Andrew Lau
    Andy Lau
    Jeff Lau
    Pan Ho-cheung
    Johnnie To
    Wong Jing
    Herman Yau
    Donnie Yen
    Miriam Yeung
    Wilson Yip

    on Peter Chan: "Hong Kong's king of quality films for over 20 years..." -- Ross Chen

    on Soi Cheang: "...none are more promising than Soi Cheang. ... Cheang stands head and shoulders above his style-over-stubstance contemporaries." -- Tim Youngs

    on Andy Lau: "If you had to identify Hong Kong cinema with a single actor, it would probably be Andy Lau." -- Ross Chen

    on Miriam Yeung: "Miriam Yeung is Hong Kong cinema's ugly duckling turned beautiful swan." -- Tim Youngs.

    on Wilson Yip: "Despite his success, Yip's output outside his collaborations with Yen has not gained much traction with critics or audiences. Until he can fuse his commercial instincts with his personal vision, Yip will likely remain just a step elow Hong Kon cinema's very best." -- Ross Chen

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